Stitch Chatbot Platform

More than just a chatbot, the Stitch Sales Enquiry Chatbot Platform.


Key Facts


Stitch AI came to us with the need to create a platform to allow them to sell multiple lead generation chatbots to their end clients.

They wanted a flexible chatbot creation platform which could be used in any industry verticle.

Core functionality was based around linking calendar availability of team members to a bot, enabling quick website inquiry-lead allocation and linking to WhatsApp.


Stitch AI

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  • Sales inquiry capture and booking
  • FAQ
  • Handover to WhatsApp



The Project


Stitch AI provide groundbreaking and innovative WhatsApp & Digital Messaging Solutions for their clients across a number of different industry verticals.

They came to The Bot Forge with a vision to create an AI powered chatbot lead capture platform which would be flexible enough to build chatbots for practically any type of business.

The chatbot would be available 24/7 and firstly would need to provide the ability to book meetings with sales staff with a variety of different calendar providers.  Secondly the chatbot would need to handover enquiries to the correct WhatsApp numbers based on specifics extracted from the conversation.

At the same time these booking would be delivered to sales users by product or service type and/or location.

The platform would need to be configurable by Stitch themselves and would be offered as a SAAS product to their customers.


A chatbot which could manage different types of enquiry, utilising UI elements and NLU (natural language understanding) as part of the enquiry flow.

Chatbot enquiries will be delivered to sales users based on a set of system parameters.

The chatbot would need to be easily integrated into customer websites with minimum coding knowledge.

A client and multi tennant portal platform would be needed with different views and functionality specific to different user types.

Portal functionality would include key areas such as chatbot builder, rules engine, user management and reporting.

Our Approach

We listened closely to the clients project needs and came up with a plan to meet those requirements. Spending time onsite with the guys at Stitch AI to brainstorm features and go through their vision.

As always we fed back regularly with our client. Holding regular meetings and interacting daily on a dedicated Slack channel. The project was run using Trello and Confluence as our primary PM tools.

The Bot Forge are an Agile software house.  Most importantly this allows us to leverage iterative development and enabled us to evolve the solution through collaboration with the guys at Stitch AI.

We were able to deliver little and often as we worked through each specific area of functionality in the project.

The Solution


“The chatbot combines powerful natural language understanding and rich text elements where appropriate to manage conversational flow. It's easily implemented into customer websites with minimum technical know-how.”

Adrian Thompson, Founder, The Bot Forge

The Stitch AI platform provides the ability for users to manage their chatbot conversational ability. Firstly chatbot administrators can edit responses and UI elements and secondly at the same time leverage a powerful rules based reponses system.

Bot responses can be fine tuned to respond to specific enquiries or variables taken from the conversation: for example postcodes, product types or other variables such as budget. These rules can also be used in allocating meeting bookings and leads.

Admins can edit available meeting types as well as the company products and services which the chatbot will handle enquiries for. Meeting types are configurable for meeting duration, buffer length or meeting delay to fine tune availability.

Portal administrators can also manage their company and coverage area and most importantly sales users. Company sales staff can be allocated their own postcode area or product or service.

Sales user availability and meeting bookings comes from integration into a number of different calendar providers, this functionality is facilitated by the fantastic scheduling APIs provided by

The Results

They’re responsive and organized, providing all the necessary information to track project progress. The team is incredibly easy to work with.

- Managing Director, Stitch AI


Stitch AI was delighted with the product and the project process. Moreover, the bot platform is now live and steadily gaining traction in the marketplace.

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