Enterprise AI Chatbot Integrations

The chatbots we create at The Bot Forge can do anything. We talk a lot about the chatbots themselves, NLP, Entities, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, Training; all the good stuff which we leverage to make the optimum chat experience for our clients

However, sometimes we don't cover what goes on under the hood to ensure your chatbot does exactly what you need it to do.

Our enterprise AI Chatbot solutions' flexible nature gives you the freedom to build and expand on it however you see fit. No matter how niche your use case is, the solution will make it possible.

So what do we mean by service integrations? In this case we mean what systems do you want your chatbot to talk to or interact with to get their job done. To do it's job an enterprise AI Chatbot may need to integrate with multiple existing systems: CRM, internal knowledge base or meeting booking system. It all depends on your use-case.

Enterprise Content Management

Help your suppliers, customers, vendors and internal stakeholders in finding relevant documents quickly. Our chatbots will integrate with any internal company database or third-party database for your end-user to have appropriate human-like responses. At the same time these types of integrations allow easy management of bot responses as you have control over the single source of truth.

CRM Applications

Deliver a better experience to your consumers by integrating your customer support chatbots with Hubspot, Salesforce CRM or Zendesk.

ERP Systems

Chatbots can extend the capabilities of your ERP systems and can change the way you have been doing business. 

Appointment Systems

Chatbots integrate with most popular appointment software solutions to book meeting and schedule appointments.

Check out some of the enterprise AI chatbot integrations we are using today and the potential they unlock. There are hundreds of examples, stretching across all sectors, these are just a few. Get in touch if you have your own integration in mind.

Your chatbot can schedule meetings by leveraging the incredible power of Cronofy.
Connect your chatbot with a leading enterprise customer relationship manager.
Utilising twilio our chatbots can send emails, whatsApp messages, SMS. The list of enterprise applications is endless.
Turn ‘just browsing’ into buying by connecting our chatbots with Stripe to take payments and subscriptions.
Connect chatbots to Google Sheets so your chatbot can respond accurately by connecting to up to date information.
Connect chatbots to Calendly. Power your chatbot with the ability to create, read, update and delete events through the power of conversation.

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