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The Property Opportunity

Real estate is one of those industries where communication plays an essential role. Just having leads is not enough. The quality of those leads and the relationship with them you build over time; that’s what you’re after.

However in an age of multiple channels: Web, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and high volumes of enquiries it’s tough; chatbots provide the ability to communicate across many platforms when it counts.

Chatbots have appeared in the real estate industry as a great way of providing value, from lead generation to nurturing and creating a cross-platform presence.


  • Generate high quality leads
  • Build relationships


  • Real estate website
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger

A chatbot for the property industry

We’ve talked about the benefits of using chatbots in business in our chatbots for business guide.  Each industry has it’s own specific set of problems, you can read more about how chatbots have helped here.

With estate agents, large and small they have their own challenges.

Not all people who contact real estate agencies are qualified leads that will buy. Thus, many real estates waste their time answering similar questions from people who would never return.

Meeting growing numbers of requests to schedule valuations and viewings and connect them to the correct members of the team is challenging.

Many Estate Agent websites look great but simply do not have an effective form of lead capture. Potential clients often visit and then leave without leaving any contact info.

House hunters are accustomed to accessing services 24/7 and want easy ways to contact estate agents across the channels they use e.g WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS.

Real estate chatbot specifications

The real estate chatbot asks qualifying questions of buyers and sellers to determine their exact wants and needs when prospecting the real estate market. The chatbot will understand property type terms, addresses, times, dates, requirements.

The chatbot is easy to use. Chatting with the bot is intuitive and encourages the user into leaving their contact info or even better booking a call with the correct real estate employee. They can request an instant valuation or use other messaging channels to contact staff directly!

The chatbot must be able to cover most standard estate agent questions and direct users to relevant content on the website as well as support more complex multi turn enquiries providing information based on details offered by the customer.

The chatbot will work on any website and provide a responsive mobile friendly interface. Utilising free text and rich UI elements to aid conversation flow and offer meaningful and accurate responses.

The chatbot will need to enable seamless handover to popular channels such as WhatsApp.

Calendar integration is vital for a chatbot to do it’s job in booking valuations and viewings.

Integrating with existing systems is important. Chatbots will need to meet integration requirements for CRMs and existing estate agent platforms.

The chatbot will be part of a solution where property agent staff can access chat transcripts, chatbot analytics and reporting.

Answer common sales/lettings enquiries

Many estate agent enquiries are similar from one estate agent to another. We created an extensive training data-set and programmed our templated chatbot solution to enable it to answer questions specific to estate agent enquiries for example “I want to buy”, “can I sell my property?” and extract more specific details such as how many rooms, location, price bracket, property types, even the current state of the market.

We analysed large sets of training data to tailor an extensive machine learning model so that the chatbot can handle the majority of estate agent questions out of the box.

We then added the most advanced chatbot technology to the solution. Utilising Google Dialogflow and leveraging our expertise with this technology. The chatbot can then seamlessly connect to existing estate agent systems.

A rich web chat interface where users can use buttons and free text to communicate effectively.

Our chatbot also provides a simple and effective way of handing over to WhatsApp business.

Chatseer provides all the data our users need to perfect and monitor the chatbot experience.

The Benefits

Real estate chatbots are 24/7

One of the great benefits of a chatbot is the constant availability. Customer expectations are high expecting a quick response to enquiries. With a chatbot you can offer your customers a service which is available 24 hours a day even when there are no employees in the office.
You can rely on your chatbot no matter what time of the day or day of the week the enquiry is coming from. Automating these processes will save you time.

Generate more leads

Who’s not looking for more leads?

Real estate chatbots help to obtain more leads from agencies. Since chatbots are helpful and are 24/7. The correct chatbot will make sure that its search users get what they need and connect the lead to the right person on your team.

A genuine, helpful, lead-generating tool powered by AI.

Qualified leads

Everyone wants leads but the relevant qualified leads are what we want.

Your chatbot can communicate with their users in real time, they can dig deeper into what they want—with accuracy. This delivers highly qualified leads.

Your chatbot, booking a meeting in your the channel of choice, will not just ask for a name and a phone number. It will capture everything that leads to the right individual in your business.

Multi platform availability

Our chatbots can live pretty much anywhere you want. This means we only have to build a chatbot once, then we can deploy it across different channels. So, instead of solely relying on simple website forms as a source of leads, you can use your website chatbot, your WhatsApp chatbot, your Facebook Messenger chatbot, Telegram chatbot, email, SMS, and much more.

Dump livechat and embrace Business WhatsApp

Business WhatsApp is becoming a serious tool for businesses and it’s perfect to handle live enquiries. You can learn more about WhatsApp Business here.Message us on WhatsApp- WhatsApp for Business.

Real estate agents no longer need to invest in providing ineffectual live chat support when a chatbot can hand over to a WhatsApp conversation via a simple button or request. Users are comfortable and expect to be able to use this channel.

Using a dedicated Business WhatsApp provider (we really recommend our partners Trengo), property agents are then able to handle multiple enquiries coming to the team effectively and engage with direct messages, providing perfect customer service.

Build strong relationships with clients through great service.

Agents get excited about the prospect of building relationships with clients.
A big part of offering great service as an estate agent is the relationship. It’s a human-first job. Building trust and comfort is paramount.
However providing this service makes strong demands on an agent. Using a chatbot can help you overcome this allowing you to start building a relationship from the off.

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