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Sports Events Chatbot


Key Facts


Our goal was to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot for endurance events.


  • Direct Messaging
  • Information


Facebook Messenger

The Project


The chatbot helps people find their next sporting event and enables them to click directly to the active directory listing.

The chatbot also has powerful notification functionality so users can receive daily/weekly notifications for new events based on their own criteria. Users can set their own location and event alerts easily via the chat interface.


We wanted to create a chatbot which could assist people in finding their next endurance event by utilising the Active Network search api. We aimed to provide the following features:

Facebook messenger menu integration

Event Notifications
Manage notifications for Last Minute Events, Upcoming Events, Event Offers.

Advanced Event Search
Search by:
Event Type, Location, Free search, Date.

Save/Update user  location

Information, Contact Support, Feature Request.

Chatbot Persona
Sporty persona for chatbot

The Solution


The chatbot we created is integrated within the “Facebook Messenger app”  users can contact it through the private “Messages” feature of their page, or directly through the Messenger App. Carly is a great direct marketing tool.

Direct Marketing via Facebook Messenger many times better than e-mail. Engagement via Messaging Apps gives much higher user engagement than e-mail.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can benefit from:

  • High customer engagement
  • High conversion
  • High Open Rate,  4-5 x higher compared to e-mail
  • High Click Through Rate, 3-5 higher compared to e-mail
Sports events chatbot
Sports events chatbot

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