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Why Write Technical Articles for The Bot Forge?

Writing about emerging technology can bring career-enhancing benefits, improving your exposure within the community. You will have to dig deep into your topics to write world-class content, which gives you a deeper understanding of how these technologies work.

What Can You Write About

Our blog articles cover a lot of different competencies, frameworks, programming languages, and modern development techniques. We’re seeking comprehensive articles that show people how to get things done with new technologies in their conversational AI projects.
We are pretty passionate about all things related to voice and text-based conversational AI:

Chatbot development expertise

Conversation Design

It’s a massively emerging field and key to creating a successful conversational experience. It’s really a combination of several design disciplines, including voice user interface design, interaction design, visual design, audio design, and UX writing.

Chatbot development expertise

Conversational AI Technology

The area of conversational AI Technology is a huge field; NLP Platforms: Dialogflow, Rasa, Microsoft Bot Framework… Chatbot interfaces: React, Angular, Vue. Languages: Node, Modern Javascript, Python… Integrations: WhatsApp, IVR, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber…

You can write about any of these related technologies.


NLP/NLP/Machine Learning

Are you a machine learning engineer, do you live for Tensorflow or regularly check out the latest from Kuki/Blenderbot/Meena? Do you spend an inordinate length of time on www.kaggle.com? then this could be your chance to talk about the latest in technology.

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Your material matters to us. To help you show your best work, you will get hands-on guidance and reviews from our expert editors.

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We can provide the coaching that strengthens the article and teaches you how to boost the next one.


We believe that your content deserves great pay. Per article, we offer up to £200.

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