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Compliance assistant chatbot working on the MO enterprise regulatory dashboard.

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Key Facts


Our goal was to create a digital compliance assistant to be integrated into the MO® Enterprise platform to provide a compliance and professional development information service 24/7.


© Model Office

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  • Domain specific FAQ
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  • Customer Support


SAAS Regulatory Dashboard

The Project


© Model Office is the first of it’s kind FinTech and regulatory tech compliance and business benchmarking SAAS. The platform that assesses your regulatory business and
people professional development all in one place.
As part of their enterprise dashboard © Model Office wanted to create a chatbot solution to supply key information and guidance on all user questions. Providing a service which would be available 24 hours a day seven days a week. The chatbot would understand free text input so would need natural language understanding.
The © Model Office chatbot needed to be advanced enough to answer a variety of compliance and business development questions. These would be centred around her knowledge of a number of specific areas, for example information from the FCA code of business handbook.
Due to the constantly changing subject matter it also needed to be relatively easy to add or change the chatbots capabilities. The subject matter for this area has potential to be very large so the chatbot service needed to be scaleable.


© Model Office wanted to create a chatbot which could provide accurate responses to the large variety of regulary specific and general questions which would be asked as part of a complex enterprise level SAAS.

These questions could be simple FAQs such as:

User: "What are pension trustee duties?"
MO: "Pension Trustees duties do not change across pension..."

Or more complex enquiries where MO would need to ask further qualifying questions to provide the most accurate information for the user enquiry e.g:

User: "What is the latest on Pension transfers "
MO: "What concerns you? Pension misselling? Poor investor decision making?"
User: "Pension Misselling"
MO: "The FCA are doing some good work here  Link to more information"

The chatbot would be provide as an API service which could be integrated into the © Model Office dashboard.

Our Approach

We were provided with some very useful intents and training phrases and user enquiry data from the team at Model Office as they know their subject matter inside out.

Intents were provided to us in spreadsheet format and from this information we were able to create the conversational scripts and then implement the conversation ability.

You can read more about how we run our chatbot projects here.

This was an iterative process. Matching user intents to core functionality and features and training the natural language processor to understand users and handle conversation failure scenarios gracefully.

The training data was invaluable for perfecting the bot conversations. The process highlights the need to monitor the chatbot as part of a continuous cycle of continuous learning.

The Solution


MO supplies key information and guidance on all user questions 24/7 as part of the complex Model Office financial regulation platform. The MO chatbot API  is hosted and managed by ourselves in the cloud and then consumed by the Model Office chat interface.


MO has a female character with an informal and helpful personality which works well with the subject matter and her role of a compliance assistant.

Conversational Ability

MO can handle 340 + separate intents (separate enquiries) with multiple training phrases(utterances) for each one of these. Some intents can be answered simply whilst others needed a more complex approach to the conversation. MO remembers context and asks further questions to provide more relevant answers to her users.
The chatbot also provides Smalltalk and automatic spelling correction.


The MO chatbot API returns text and HTML responses for richer content.

Chatbot Management

Training is ongoing with the Model Office chatbot, we are constantly improving her responses and adding new ones so that she is always getting smarter.

MO chatbot interface image

The Results


Excellent, very happy with the personalised services, accommodation of our specific needs within financial services.

Hands on and highly personable and flexible with creative ideas, their personable and innovative approach is impressive.

Chris Davies

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