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Supercharge your sales with a custom built AI powered sales chatbot. Help your customers through the buyer journey and maximise revenue and user experience every step of the way.

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The Opportunity For Organisations

Missing out on leads? E-commerce sales flat or declining? Hard to navigate products?

Sounds like it's time for some help from an advanced AI sales chatbot.


Sales Assistant


  • Public facing website
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger

How Can a Sales Chatbot Help You?

Give personalized messages

When you visit a shop you are often welcomed by a sales assistant, so what not do this online.

A proactive chatbot helps loosen things up with a customized message and can highlight products or features thus engaging with the customer and showing that help is at hand!

Whether your visitor is a new or returning customer, you can write multiple messages and scripts tailored to their experience.

Sales chatbot welcome text example

These messages can be tailored for new and returning customers.

“Ciao & welcome, I’m (your chatbot name) bot, here to help you choose the perfect (product) for you, just click if you want some help!”
“Thanks for checking out (your website name)! I’m around if you have any questions or just want to chat.”

“Welcome back, (customer name)! You know the drill, I’m around if you need help. Give me a shout if you need anything”

Stop customers from leaving

Chatbots are on the front line. Your chatbot will satisfy shoppers’ expectations by being a click away. This means your sales chatbot is always the first point of contact for all new incoming requests, which helps reduce response times and engages with customers before they consider leaving.

Get valuable feedback

It’s a fact that reviews are very important. Spiegel research centre reported that nearly 95% of shoppers reading online
reviews before making a purchase.

Using a chatbot to harvest reviews is an important feature. Your sales chatbot can request a review at the best time or automatically send an automated review request.

You can enhance the review process by making it easier for the customer by asking pre-scripted questions:

Did you find the right product?
What do you think about the product range
Would you recommend our company
Have you found everything you need?
Have I helped you today

Live feedback and conversation monitoring can also be important. Your sales chatbot can monitor the conversation. For example, watching for changes in sentiment, and suggesting a handover to a live agent.

Easy order tracking for your customers

You want to know where your order is but you can’t speak to anyone.

It’s one of the main problems with e-commerce customer support. There is no worse customer experience than clicking on the chat now button and the live chat window says “There is nobody available right now”. You simply want to know how long it will be before your product will be shipped!

Providing a sales chatbot means you can integrate with your existing order and stock systems and provide immediate help with all tracking and returning purposes.

Communicate in multiple languages

For companies selling globally, it’s often important to support multiple languages. Handling multiple language inquiries with Live chat or other standard inquiry routes is expensive.

Conversational AI can support multilingual chatbot integrations.

Inbound messages are converted into the respondent’s favored language, and answers are translated on the fly.

So providing a chatbot for multiple language versions of your website enables you to provide 24/7 support for all your customers.

Answer frequently asked questions

It’s time-consuming and expensive to answer inquiries with live chat, email or phone. Customer demands are often higher outside normal working hours as these are the convenient times to shop which exacerbates staffing problems.

It would be a shame to lose a sale just because a user can’t ask a quick question about a product or service and receive a prompt response.

A sales chatbot can answer recurrent service requests from your customers automatically.

Chatbot responses can connect to internal systems to answer questions or ask further qualifying questions to provide more detailed information. For example here the chatbot understands the product type and asks further questions:

"I'm interested in buying a Trek Revenge  how much will that be to ship?"
"Are you looking to ship to the UK?"
"I live in Oxford"
"Do you want next day or priority?"
"next day please, I can't wait!"
"OK sure that will be £15"

The customer experience is enriched.  Instead of repeating your FAQ page word for word, a sales chatbot independently converses with customers and asks them questions to reach a solution.

An advanced sales assistant

If you have a complicated product line or you struggle with other challenges such as matching the right product to your customer then a sales chatbot can add serious value.

For example, luxury hair products which need to be matched for a specific hair type for maximum benefit.
Product assistance sales chatbot

A chatbot can provide that personalized experience to drill down into customer requirements to make the ideal product suggestion.
If product lines can be confusing to navigate it’s the perfect place to deploy a product expert chatbot to help customers make the right choice. A chatbot's focus can be advanced product knowledge, identifying matching products for customers.

Sales Chatbot Features

24/7 Support

Never miss an opportunity. Your chatbot is always online and helping find the right product fit and looking after your customer.

Sales assistant

With deep knowledge of your products and services, your chatbot can provide advanced sales assistance.

Customer insights

Gain better insight into customer behavior with advanced chatbot analytics.

Sales support

Handle multi-step enquiries and complex sales processes by leveraging machine learning to ensure the user experience is second to none to ensure customer loyalty.

Advanced features

Advanced features can be added to your sales chatbot implementation: Multiple Languages, Voice input/output, API integration, deploy to multiple platforms.

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