Specialists in Rasa Chatbots

We are specialists in creating solutions using Rasa Open Source.
Creating contextual assistants that really help our users with advanced Natural Language Understanding and the ability to deploy anywhere.


We chose Rasa Chatbot as our go to Open Source Natural Language Understanding platform.

Rasa provides infrastructure & tools necessary for us to create high-performing, flexible, custom contextual chatbots.

We realised that in some cases where privacy and security is key a cloud based NLP may not be the best fit. For example where clients have specific security constraints or sensitive data and therefore don’t want their NLP service in the cloud.

Using Rasa open source means we can create on-prem solutions whilst not compromising chatbot functionality.

With Rasa, we create advanced text- and voice-based assistants.

Using out of the box training data to create solid conversational experiences. We then use machine learning to improve those conversations. We can also integrate our chatbots with existing systems and channels and deploy our chatbots across many different platforms.

We connect our Rasa chatbots to our chatbot analytics platform so our customers can see how their Rasa chatbot is being used.

We stay up to date with the latest Rasa developments and make sure we are always experts in our field.

Deploy Anywhere

With ready-to-deploy Docker containers, Rasa can be easily deployed on-prem, private cloud, or third-party cloud provider to keep your customer’s data secure.


Rasa Enterprise* chatbots can leverage RBAC and SSO to meet current security policies.

*Rasa Enterprise is a paid subscription to develop and ship contextual AI assistants at scale.


Rasa can be integrated with multiple channels.

A Rasa chatbot can also talk to APIs and other systems to create the correct responses.


Chatbots Agency: Bot Strategy

Our experts work closely with their clients to evaluate where a chatbot can achieve maximum benefit for them.

Looking at your chatbot persona, language capabilities, UI elements if needed and conversation flow. We also look at integration options, your choice of platform delivery and any other functionality you would like your chatbot to provide.

Chatbots Agency: Bot Build

With our knowledge and experience, we are committed to ensuring your Rasa Open Source chatbot project is a success.

We use the best practices and latest technology in chatbot development at our disposal.

Our projects are run using agile methodologies to ensure they run smoothly.

Chatbots Agency: Bot Launch

Once your chatbot is ready we will advise and assist in a successful beta launch.

This will enable us to beta test and train your Chatbot so that it delivers the best possible experience to your users before going to public release. This training process is vital to achieving maximum success.

Chatbots Agency: Bot Monitoring

Once released, your chatbot journey does not end there. We use the extensive training capabilities of our chatbots to fine-tune the user experience: constantly improving their conversational abilities.

We provide valuable analytical data on chatbot sessions, queries and top intents handled.

Need Help With Your Project?

If you'd like help achieving your chatbot and voice assistant project objectives, please schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.