Spot Bot - Digital Skin Cancer Assistant

The world's first digital assistant designed to enable awareness and encourage and assist users to book skin checks and reduce Skin Cancer and Melanoma.

Spot Bot Chatbot

Key Facts


Our aim was to design and create a Facebook Messenger chatbot called SPOT on the ManyChat platform.

We also needed to develop the services to enable the chatbot to search for skin check clinics, GPs and specialists in Australia.


  • Find a skin check clinic
  • Make an appointment
  • Turn up on time via calendar integration
  • Skin cancer information


Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Website Chatbot

The Project


© Skin Check Champions is an Australian charity organization. Their aim is to improve access and awareness for the early detection of skin cancer, especially for communities most at risk of skin cancer. Connecting people with their local GP, Skin Clinic or Dermatologist – or bringing specialists to the people via the free, educational pop-up skin check clinics and world-class technology.


© We were approached by Skin Check Champion's digital agency: Reny Digital to create a chatbot solution called SPOT BOT to be deployed to Facebook Messenger and also their website.

SPOT was to be created on the Manychat platform and provide a number of conversational flows to carry out core functionality such as searching for a Skin check specialist to book an appointment or follow up afterwards.

We were also required to create the Health Direct skin specialist middleware which would provide the search service for the chatbot to use.

Our Approach

It's always refreshing when your client has a clear vision of what they want to do with a chatbot and the guys at Reny Digital and Skin Check Champions had this in spades.

SPOT was an incredibly collaborative experience and we worked closely with Skin Check Champions, Reny Digital, Novartis, and Meta on this project.

Initially, we worked closely with SCC and the Reny Digital team to understand the brief and go through each of the conversation flows. These flows were then designed and shared in Whimsical diagrams and iterated as we polished each one to ensure the optimum conversational experience.

From the Whimsical diagrams, we were then able to create the flows on the Manychat platform and release each one for multiple iterations of testing, bug fixing and polishing to ensure the conversational flows were as engaging and efficient as possible.

We then developed the search API on a serverless Google Cloud hosting environment which provided search capabilities based on the criteria provided by the client.

The Solution


Facebook Messenger Chabot

We created SPOT BOT the Messenger Chatbot which you can talk to here . The chatbot was also deployed to the Skin Check Champions website.

SPOT enables users to book a skin check by providing a location search of local clinics and GPs. He provides valuable information about skin cancer and makes it easy to donate. We also incorporated a skin cancer risk quiz and a powerful sharing functionality to encourage friends and family to get checked too. Ultimately... to save people from skin cancer.

SPOT has a friendly, personable character who combined animated GIF's with copy-written as if it was your 'niggling' friend. Comprising of multiple, well thought through message trees.

Search API Middleware

We created the search API solution to integrate with the National Health Services directory: Healthdirect Australia. The middleware is hosted on serverless technology on Google Cloud Functions. This enables a scale-able environment to meet the growing demands of the Healthcare API Search service which is consumed by the Spot Bot Manychat Facebook Messenger chatbot.



The Results

SPOT BOT has been hugely successful and has helped thousands of people to:

  • Find a skin check clinic
  • Make an appointment
  • Turn up on time via calendar integration
  • Be equipped with useful information
  • Be armed with questions to get a thorough screening
  • Have a follow-up engagement to see how they went
  • Have patient pathways depending on their diagnosis

SPOT's popularity continues to grow and is approaching 2000 users. He has even made it onto the TV and was covered on the Australian Today Show!


SPOT BOT has generated a few thousand unique users since its launch without any paid advertising or promotion. Every user is completely organic, spread (as designed) through shares and word of mouth, leading to thousands of skin checks booked and tens if not hundreds of skin cancers found. A great first dip into the Messenger Bot pool which we're really excited to build on with Bot Forge as a vital partner....

It's really lovely to work with them. Very clear communicators. Quick and efficient responses. Strong experience - well applied.....

Adrian was a really great partner, setting us up for success at all turns. Can't recommend him and his team enough.

Scott Maggs
Founder & CEO

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