This example of a chatbot from Shimano which was launched in Facebook Messenger. Facebook users can find information about their products, events, technical documentation and a link through to a dealer locator. We particularly like the product recommendations functionality as it demonstrates how a smart recommendation can drive sales.


I spent a bit more time looking at the Shimano chatbot today. I posted about this all the way back in 2018. This particular chatbot looks like it needs a bit of an overhaul as I didn’t seem to get any response about recommendations. To me it highlights the need to monitor and improve chatbot capabilities.

Screenshot of the Shimano chatbot

However the menu system menu is used to good effect enabling users to contact customer support directly.

I was disappointed that when typing help I got the dreaded “I’m sorry but I did not understand that” message. At The Bot Forge we feel this is a simple quick win with chatbot useability. If a chatbot trips up whilst handling a query then users will often type help to try and get back on track.