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In our last blog post, we looked at the totally mind-blowing demo of the new Google Assistant Duplex functionality. But there were some other exciting new features mentioned which we thought we should cover.

Google Assistant Features

Continued Conversation means you can keep talking without having to say “Hey Google”

Google Assistant Conversation Example Picture

If you currently use Google Assistant, you know that it’s annoying having to say “Hey Google” before every single command which can get annoying. Most conversations will incorporate follow-up questions if you didn’t get the answer you wanted or its natural to make another command.

With the new continued conversation feature which is going to be launched soon, you’ll be able to speak to the assistant and it will keep listening for a brief amount of time after the first command to make sure you are not following up with further commands. This is important as it will help make conversations feel more natural. Google says that Assistant will be able to understand when you’re taking to it or to someone else and will respond accordingly.

This feature is similar to the Alexa ‘follow up mode’ which became available a few months ago.

Custom Shopping Orders and Maps and Routines

Google have also improved the assistants shopping capabilities partnering up with Pizza Hut and Starbucks.  Users can now order their favourite pizza or their usual coffee for delivery.

The Google Smart Display platform introduced earlier this year has also received Google Maps integration.

The custom routines feature which was launched earlier this year has also been extended. The routines feature enables you to do multiple things with one command. The new feature means you can now create your own custom routine, for example, you can create your own film night routine which turns down the lights, starts the film and notifies the rest of the house the film is starting. The ability to schedule routines is also coming soon.


More Google Assistant Voices

John Legend Singing

Published on July 24th, 2014 | by AlexandreG

If you are not into the current Google Assistant default voice, then you will soon have 6 to choose from, with the R&B singer John Legend featuring soon.


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