Dialogflow CX Free Trial

Each new customer will receive a $600 credit for a free trial of Dialogflow CX.

It was pretty exciting when Dialogflow CX was announced back in September. We talked about it briefly here

However CX can be pricy,  as it’s based on the edition and the requests made during the month (a request being a call to the DF service via an API call or by using the console). As a result its been impossible to really get to grips with it due to no free tier or development version, unless you want to pay to learn about the CX way of building chatbots (not ideal)

So this month along with some other important updates, Dialogflow have quietly announced a free trial version. I say quietly because there was no mention of this in the usual release notes pages. Normally, you can keep up to date with new announcements by following the Dialogflow release notes

So now Dialogflow CX has a free trial which is just a specific extension of the Google Cloud free trial. Each new user will get $600 free credit to test and develop their CX chatbots which is great news!

Other Features

Dialogflow Messenger integration is now available

For us this is a really important feature. We love Dialogflow Messenger on ES and we use this on a number of our chatbots deployed to websites. Up until now this has been missing which has been fairly restrictive. You can read more here.

CX Test Cases Launched

For us this is a really important feature and something which is vital once an agent is in production. You can use the built-in test feature to uncover bugs and prevent regressions. You can read more here.